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I AM...

"Kela T. Writes"

Hello, I'm Shakela Matthews and I'm dedicated to helping women navigate the often challenging or toxic journey of divorce by guiding them through a process of self-discovery, emotional acknowledgment, forgiveness, and healing. Through my speaking engagements, I empower individuals to face their emotions without judgment, encouraging them to rediscover their true selves and to find the path to forgiveness. Together, we explore how to build a future brimming with purpose and fulfillment, ultimately helping those affected by divorce find strength, growth, and a renewed sense of self.

MISSION: To enrich and inspire women's lives through effective coaching and practical application; empowering them to break through emotional roadblocks and evolve in God's divine purpose.


VISION: My vision is to support, guide, inspire, motivate, and empower women towards personal growth by healing and becoming the best version of themselves, which will improve the quality of life of their relationships.

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